Sala Child & Family Support

When your child is receiving medical care, programs provided by Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care can make the experience easier for your whole family. We offer a range of programs aimed at empowering families during and after your time at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone.

Helping Children Be Children

Child life services and creative arts therapies can help improve a child’s medical experience.

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Discover Our Support Services

Our programs give children and families reassurance, relief, and a chance to recharge.

Child Life

We use play and other techniques to help your child feel comfortable during medical visits.

Creative Arts

Our art and music therapists use creativity to help children cope with illness and medical treatment.

Integrative Medicine

We offer massage, relaxation techniques, and other integrative medicine therapies for children and families.


Our registered dietitians recognize that food and nourishment can be just as important as the medicine a child takes.

Pain Management

We do all that we can to find the best ways to relieve your child’s pain.

Emotional Support

We support children and families in coping with emotional concerns about medical care.

Social Work & Care Management

We help children and families cope with the challenges that can accompany illness.

Spiritual Support

Our team provides spiritual support and performs religious services for your child and family.

Palliative Care

We help children with serious or chronic medical conditions live every day to its fullest.

Family Partnership Programs

We are committed to having our patients’ and families’ needs met and their voices heard.

Patient Stories

Our patients and their families share their experiences at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital.