Creative Arts Therapies for Children

Experts from our Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care know an illness or hospital stay may trigger many different emotions. Young children may not yet have the maturity to put their thoughts and feelings into words. Teens simply might not want to talk about what they’re feeling.

Patient wearing gown and face mask playing keyboard

We offer many types of art therapy projects for your child.

Art therapists and music therapists give children of all ages tools they can use to express themselves. When children create art or music that is truly their own, they feel more in control. That’s important when children have to do things they don’t want to do or that may be painful, such as when they are hospitalized or undergoing medical treatment.

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Art and music also give children something to focus on other than being sick or in the hospital. Creating something personal and unique gives children a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This often helps children feel better about themselves at a time when they may be struggling with feelings of isolation or anger. Supporting the overall health and wellbeing of children and families is the mission of Sala Institute, which provides creative arts therapies at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone.

Our licensed creative arts therapists work with children and families, individually and in group sessions, to provide an opportunity for self-expression and healing. Our goal is to help your child heal emotionally as well as physically.

Art Therapy for Children

Art is a natural form of expression for children. Making art can boost self-confidence, and children who participate in art therapy may feel more positive about their treatment.

Artwork from Our Patients

Our online art gallery features children’s expressions of resilience, connection, and empowerment, created with the guidance of our creative arts therapists and artists-in-residence.

Our trained, certified art therapists help you and your child participate in a range of art-making activities, such as painting, collage, and digital art projects. Sessions are provided both at the bedside and in our expressive arts room.

Music Therapy for Children

Music has a powerful ability to help your child manage pain, anxiety, and stress more successfully. It can help soothe and relax children of all ages and developmental levels. Music therapy sessions with our board-certified music therapists may include singing, playing instruments, improvising, writing songs, moving to the music, or listening to live music.

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